BART Board sets fares for BART to Oakland International Airport service


BART Board sets fares for BART to Oakland International Airport service

The BART Board of Directors today set the fare for the extension between the Coliseum Station and Oakland International Airport (OAK) at $6.00 while leaving open the possibility that temporary promotional fares could be introduced in the future. Seniors, people with disabilities and children age 12 and under will be eligible for BART’s 62.5% discount. Subject to Board approval, BART staff plans to recommend at a later Board meeting that airport employees continue to pay a discounted fare of $2.00 for the trip on the new service.
The new service is set to begin this fall. The 3.2 mile Automated Guideway Transit system will replace the AirBART shuttle buses with a driverless, automated people mover system that will reduce average travel and wait time, provide more frequent service, increase passenger capacity and provide a more seamless connection between the Coliseum Station and Oakland International Airport.

BART to Oakland International Airport will consist of four 3-car trains that will depart every four minutes and make the trip between OAK and Coliseum Station in less than 15 minutes door-to-door. Each train will comfortably carry 113 passengers and their luggage. An estimated 2,745 passengers are expected to ride the new system each day in the first year of service with that number expected to increase by about 500 in the second year.

Passengers using the new system will pay the $6.00 fare in addition to their regular BART fare. For example, a customer who boards BART at Walnut Creek would pay $3.70 for their trip from Walnut Creek Station to Coliseum Station and then $6.00 for the Coliseum Station to OAK trip for a total trip cost of $9.70.

BART research shows that a taxi ride from Walnut Creek to OAK costs about $73.00, a shared door-to-door shuttle van costs about $69.00 while parking at the airport ranges from $16 to $22 per day. The cost of parking at satellite lots varies.
The BART to OAK project is on time and on budget. The $484 million project is funded through a variety of sources and at 27% of the construction jobs and 59% of the apprenticeship hours have gone to Oakland residents.
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