BART Board to meet Thursday, Aug. 14


BART Board to meet Thursday, Aug. 14

The BART Board of Directors will meet Thursday, Aug. 14, at 9 am at its usual location in the Board Room at Kaiser Center in Oakland. 

The meeting can can be viewed on a live webcast at

The agenda for the meeting includes a review of the Quarterly Performance Report, BART's "report card" on various matters of interest to the public such as cleanliness, on-time performance and public safety. 

In addition, the agenda includes a proposal to create a collateral pool for small business bonding, in another effort to help small businesses participate in BART contracts. 

One of the impediments to allowing small businesses to bid on BART's public works contracts is that they may not have the ability to qualify for the required bonding. Creating a a collateral pool will support the issuance of bonds and provide safeguards to make certain that claims on the bonds do not occur. This is another step in the development of BART's Small Business Bonding Assistance Program. 

The full agenda and other information about the meeting is at