BART prepares for World Series


BART prepares for World Series

Ridership climbed to 462,242 October 16, 2014 - the fourth busiest day ever for BART - as fans headed out to cheer their Giants on to win the National League Championship. Now BART is getting ready for the World Series next week and -yes, yes, yes- the possibility of another World Series victory parade.

When the World Series shifts from Kansas City to San Francisco next Friday, BART will run longer trains, operate event trains if necessary and have additional staff on hand to help customers who need assistance. The same plan will be in place for Game Four and (if necessary) Game Five at AT&T Park. 

When Bay Area teams are hot, BART benefits. Because 70.5% of BART’s operating funds come from fare-paying passengers, increased ridership means more dollars can be spent towards what customers want: cleaner stations and trains, refurbished cars and funds for the “Fleet of the Future.” 

BART's two busiest days ever were the 2012 and 2010 World Series victory parades. Both celebrations pushed ridership above the half million mark for the first time ever.

Travel Tips

BART wants everyone to have fun and get to the game on time. New riders need to know that everyone who rides BART needs a BART ticket or Clipper Card ( to enter the system.

Here are a few tips to avoid the crush at the ticket machines:  Load up your Clipper card with extra value, or, if buying a BART ticket, purchase a round trip ticket at the station you begin your trip, and plan your trip by using the BART QuickPlanner.