Phase II electrical work starts March 9 at MacArthur Station


Phase II electrical work starts March 9 at MacArthur Station

Starting the week of March 9, 2015, we will finish up Phase I and begin Phase II of the electrical work at MacArthur Station by moving the scaffolding from the north side of the station to the south side and sectioning off areas of the station to do the needed electrical work.

Because there is some asbestos dust contamination in the work areas, they will be contained and decontaminated before the work begins. There will be on-site monitoring of the air quality in the work areas and each section will be under containment protocols while the work is going on and there will be a BART safety monitor present.

Once the scaffolding has been moved there will be no ceiling on the north side of the station for approximately 1 week. Between March 16 and 30, a new ceiling and lighting will be installed. This work will not require scaffolding.

Bike racks that were relocated from the north side will be returned to their original position, while others will be relocated from the south side to the plaza area. There will be no reduction in the number of racks.

When the work is completed you should notice lighting improvements throughout the station. The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. The work should be completed in June. Please click here to see the .pdf map of the work locations.

The area between the escalators and stairs will be blocked. The stairs and escalators will continue to be available for use. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Some of the work areas may block your normal path of travel but there will always be an alternate path available. Please plan to allow some additional time to reach your train and follow the signs and directions of the work crews.