Behind the scenes with a BART maintenance crew


Behind the scenes with a BART maintenance crew

Catch a glimpse of what we’re doing to make your commute swift and smooth, with a behind-the-scenes tour featuring some of the crewmembers who will be working on the upcoming track maintenance weekend project.

Workers will soon be replacing over 1,000 degraded wooden ties and 3,000 feet of worn rail between Coliseum and Fruitvale stations—and this video demonstrates a sample of the kind of critical repairs they’ll be making.

See for yourself and gain a better understanding of which components need to be replaced, with our own crew acting as tour guides.

During the upcoming weekend repairs, BART will send 35 to 40 maintenance personnel at a time onto the tracks, armed to the teeth with two truckloads of tools and with nine support vehicles standing by for assistance.  This is where the steel hits the rail, so to speak, for our ‘Building a Better BART’ campaign.