BART’s plan for the future at risk if Congress fails to act


BART’s plan for the future at risk if Congress fails to act

BART Director Nick Josefowitz issued the following statement in support of APTA’s Stand Up For Transportation advocacy day:Stand Up For Transportation Logo

“High quality, reliable BART service is essential to the Bay Area's economic and environmental sustainability.  BART’s unfunded needs over the next 10 years now stand at $4.8 billion. This represents a wise investment in our region's and our state's economy and quality of life. But it is also a tremendous financial lift requiring bold commitments and partnerships at the local, state, and federal level. 

BART and all its funding partners have worked hard to invest in the future, but simply cannot keep pace with the double-whammy of accelerating maintenance needs and extraordinary ridership growth.  For example, BART has identified funds for 775 new rail cars, but it will take more than 1000 cars to provide the level of service the Bay Area is demanding. 

If BART reliability declines, the Bay Area economy will follow. We have a plan to make sure this doesn’t happen- but it requires a long-term federal funding bill to see it through. Our plan includes essential investments: increasing reliability and carrying more commuters by purchasing new train cars; running trains faster and more often by replacing our aging train control system, and continuing to provide a safe and clean commute by overhauling our tracks and stations. 

Bay Area residents, no matter how they get around, need Congress to stand up for transportation and pass a fully funded long-term reauthorization bill to move us forward.”

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