Richmond Station changes to bus, taxi, car pick up/drop off locations


Richmond Station changes to bus, taxi, car pick up/drop off locations

Starting on Wednesday, April 15, we will close the existing “intermodal” area and the Amtrak parking area. All buses, paratransit, taxis, etc. will be relocated to other areas near the station. 

The work will include improvements to passenger access and traffic flow as well as the addition of special landscaping areas that will act as filters for any rain runoff to process out harmful materials (such as oil or gasoline, heavy metals, etc.) before the water goes into the storm drain system. 

The work will be completed in September 2015.   

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Please see the map which shows the new locations for services. Below is a description of the new locations.

1.    Kaiser Shuttle and San Pablo Senior Transportation will move to the intersection of 15th Street and Nevin Plaza.  All other paratransit services have been moved to El Cerrito del Norte Station.
2.    AC Transit Bus Stop: north side of MacDonald Avenue near 16th Street.
3.    Taxi services are moved to the west side of 15th Street between MacDonald Ave. and Village Lane
4.    Golden Gate Transit bus stop is moved to the south side of MacDonald Ave. between 15th and 16th Streets.
5.    Passenger pick up/drop off area located at the sidewalk near the parking garage.
6.    ADA pick up/drop off area will be inside the garage on the first floor.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you and appreciate your patience.