BART Board meets Thursday night to discuss budget


BART Board meets Thursday night to discuss budget

The BART Board of Directors meets Thursday, April 23, at 5 pm to consider topics including the Fiscal Year 2016 Preliminary Budget. This is one of several steps before the Board votes on the FY 2016 financial plan. A public hearing for the budget will be set for May 28, 2015 in the Board Room.

To address the highest levels of ridership in BART history that we are currently experiencing, the preliminary budget provides steps toward relieving crowded trains and general stress on the overall system while we wait for our new fleet of trains to arrive.

This includes efforts to introduce more cars during peak hours via extra repair shifts in the train shops, use of crossover tracks for turnback service, and “resurrecting” several heavily damaged cars.

Additionally, a number of positions have been suggested to expand station deep cleaning programs and train cleaning crews to keep up with the volume of passengers moving through the system.

The preliminary budget also seeks to address on-time performance issues, offering several solutions including but not limited to:

  • Increasing hours of stand-by paramedics for faster response of ill patrons/medical emergencies
  • Hiring more grounds workers to further address wayside safety and to be available to maintain free and clear tracks when obstructions occur
  • Hiring more train controllers

Other items on the agenda include the replacement of elevator flooring for easier cleaning and a presentation by the San Francisco Late Night Transportation Working Group on late night transportation.

The April 23 meeting will be held in the BART Board Room at the Kaiser Center, located at 344 20th St. in Oakland (pedestrian access is on Webster Street between the CVS and 24 Hour Fitness).  To take BART to the meeting, exit the 19th Street station in Oakland and make your way two blocks east on 20th St. / Thomas L Berkley Way.   The meeting will be streamed live at The full agenda is available to download as a PDF.

View the FY 2016 Budget Memo.  The budget assumes revenue from a January 1, 2016 inflation based, 3.4% fare increase to help fund the system's extensive capital needs as called for in BART's multi-year Inflation Based Fare Increase Program. This money is dedicated to our highest priority capital needs including new rail cars, an automated train control system, and an expanded maintenance facility.  BART is currently seeking input on this planned increase.  Find out more information and take the survey on the Title VI page.