BART readies for record ridership during Friday Warriors parade in Oakland


BART readies for record ridership during Friday Warriors parade in Oakland

Congratulations on winning the NBA title, Golden State Warriors!  Historic wins mean historic crowds of celebrating basketball fans— and BART has already been preparing to accommodate the record-breaking number of people expected to attend the downtown Oakland parade and victory rally on Friday.

The team and Oakland will host a parade and rally beginning at 10 am, though fans are allowed to line up as early as 5 am.

BART will run rush hour service all day using every available train possible at maximum length to help people get to where they need to be.

Additionally, in order to mitigate overcrowding and frustration, we will be changing service for people leaving the rally as follows:

  • Passengers boarding trains headed in the Richmond, Pittsburg/Bay Point, or San Francisco directions must use either the 12th Street or 19th Street BART stations.
  • Passengers boarding trains headed for Fremont or Dublin/Pleasanton (southbound) can use the Lake Merritt Station.
  • Northbound San Francisco and Richmond bound trains will not stop at Lake Merritt Station.

Note: regular afternoon commuters who use a particular station should not be affected by this change. 

The parade begins on Broadway at 11th Street, then proceeds north up Broadway before turning right on Grand Avenue,  then another right on Harrison (which turns into Lakeside Drive), then onto Oak before terminating at the convention center for the rally.

parade route for warriors

Extra BART employees in yellow vests will be posted near the rally point and in the affected stations to help with crowd control and to assist passengers.  BART Police will also be deploying extra patrols, and extra train technicians will also be on hand.

Ticket sales tables will be set up at Dublin/Pleasanton, Fremont, Millbrae, and El Cerrito del Norte stations from 6 am to 11 am to alleviate crowding at ticket sales kiosks. Patrons are strongly encouraged to purchase round trip tickets beforehand, or load their Clipper® cards.

Anticipate long lines and crowded trains, and please be patient as we celebrate this momentous occasion together with pride. Also, be on the lookout for the BARTmobile in the parade! Go Warriors!

Travel Tips

  • BART will provide extra service to and from the parade/rally.
  • Lake Merritt Station will only have service to Fremont and Dublin after the rally; passengers wanting San Francisco/Richmond/Bay Point service will need to go to a downtown Oakland Station (12th and 19th).
  • During the morning commute, parade, and rally, 12th and 19th Street Stations’ service to San Francisco will run from the upper levels only.
  • BART Stations in the parade/rally zone could be subject to periodic entrance/complete station closures as conditions change.  Safety is our top priority, and overcrowded platforms are a risk we can’t allow our passengers to take.
  • New riders need to know that everyone who rides BART needs a BART ticket or Clipper card to enter the system- purchase round trip tickets in advance.  Load your Clipper card with extra value or, if buying a BART ticket, purchase a round trip ticket before parade day.
  • Avoid peak commute hours if possible. If you have flexible working hours, take advantage of them.
  • Leave your bike at home or double lock your bike at the station as trains will be very crowded; bikes are not allowed on crowded trains.
  • Parking rules and restrictions will be enforced, so get to the station by alternative means such as carpooling, walking, biking (being sure to park your bike) or taking a bus. Parking lots will fill up very early.
  • Do not park in permit spaces if you don’t have a permit. Even if you have a reserved space, we cannot guarantee eager fans won’t park there—and we will be ticketing.
  • For the most accurate information about added service, use Real Time Departures.
  • You can get automated BART Service Advisories (BSA) on your phone. BART offers both email and text options. To sign up for BSAs, please visit us at
  • The normal business hours for our phone center is 8am - 9pm. To assist riders traveling to the Warriors event Friday, June 19th, the center will be opened from 6am - 9pm.
  • For on-demand service information, you can use our mobile site or request BART real time departures, service advisories and more via text message. To get started text "BART go" to 468311 or jump right in and text "BART" + your station name. We'll text you back in seconds.
  • Follow us on Twitter @sfbart for news or @sfbartalert for automated service advisories—and give us a shout. We’ll respond.