42 parking spaces at San Leandro Station to be closed--UPDATED


42 parking spaces at San Leandro Station to be closed--UPDATED

Update: 7/30/2015 The new start date is August 12, 2015

Starting August 12, 2015 BART will begin electrical improvements for the San Leandro Electrical Substation in the BART parking lot located under the tracks near Davis Street. The project will renovate the electrical substation by replacing most of the existing equipment from the 1970’s with new equipment. 42 parking spaces out of 925 total spaces will be closed for 1 year.

During renovation, this section of the parking lot will be closed to the public (see the map). The contractor will post “No Parking” signs 72 hours in advance in designated areas prior to the fence going up. All work is scheduled to occur on weekdays; however there may be occasions when night or weekend work may be necessary. The work will take approximately 12 months to complete. 

We realize this is an inconvenience, and appreciate your patience while we make these improvements. If you have questions or need information about this construction contract, you may contact Shahbaz Khan, BART Electrical and Mechanical Engineer at 510- 464-6531.

A web page is available with transit and parking alternatives such as the Downtown Garage or Hays Street lot: http://www.sanleandro.org/depts/cd/projects/bartpark/default.asp 
You might also want to try parking at nearby BART Stations like Coliseum and Bay Fair.

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