Statement regarding shooting incident at West Oakland station


Statement regarding shooting incident at West Oakland station

2:30pm 9/2/15 Update:

BART Deputy Police Chief Jeff Jennings answered media questions on Wednesday, September 2nd and provided the following updated information during the briefing:

The suspect, Corey Powell, 28, of Union City, is currently at Highland Hospital to undergo more surgeries and as of mid-afternoon is in critical but stable condition.  He has been arrested and he will be charged with attempt murder in the coming days.  He has previous felony convictions involving guns and had a current no-bail warrant. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 1 at approximately 8:00 pm, two BART Police officers approached a man smoking on the West Oakland platform and asked him to extinguish his cigarette.  Smoking on a platform is prohibited per California Penal Code 640 (b) (3) and cause for citation.  Upon further questioning, the man provided officers with false names for about ten minutes.  The suspect continued to be evasive and attempted to avoid arrest by trying to jump over the platform wall.  Officers tried to restrain him and get him off the wall.  The suspect yelled he wanted to cause himself harm and was violently resisting. During the struggle, the suspect reached for his waistband. One officer saw him reach for his waistband and went to tase the suspect.  The suspect then shot himself once in the abdomen with his own gun just before the officer tased him.  The suspect fell to the ground and he reached for his gun.  Officers pulled him away from the weapon. The officers administered first aid and called for medical assistance.

BART officers never drew their guns. The suspect’s gun and one bullet casing have been recovered from the scene.

The suspect was transported to Highland Hospital in critical condition, and West Oakland Station was closed for a full investigation of events.  

West Oakland Station reopened for normal service around 11:30pm. During the station closure AC Transit provided mutual aid and a bus bridge between 12th Street Station and West Oakland Station.

BART Police Department has called the Alameda County District Attorney, who will be conducting a parallel investigation, as well as the BART Independent Police Auditor.

The two officers involved were wearing body cameras, and the footage is being reviewed in addition to independent footage taken by a witness and provided to BPD.   

Any shooting is a tragedy, and we regret the incident having occurred.  BART thanks passengers and concerned residents for their patience as information was gathered.