Daly City Station floor tiles changing


Daly City Station floor tiles changing

The warning edge tile on Platform 2 in this station will be changed to all yellow in the next week. The black warning edge tile markers, which show where train doors are when a train stops, are being replaced by door marker decals on the concrete platform near the warning edge tiles. These decals are already in place. 

Here is a picture of the decal which consists of three large arrows, one in the middle pointing out of the train door where passengers should exit and 2 arrows on either side pointing into the train door showing passengers where to enter:

Platform directional tiles

BART is testing this use of all the yellow warning edge tiles based on the recent California Building Code and will study how it works.  If successful, BART will consider expanding this change to the warning edge tiles at more stations in the future. 

Please be careful when standing at the platform edge. Always stay behind the yellow warning edge tile when a train is approaching. 
We will update this bulletin if there are more changes. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you and appreciate your patience.