BART Resolution backs proposed Tri Delta Transit Center in Brentwood


BART Resolution backs proposed Tri Delta Transit Center in Brentwood

The BART Board of Directors voted today to approve a resolution supporting adding a proposed Intermodal Transit Center in Brentwood to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Plan Bay Area 2040 Project Update for evaluation.

“Although residents are justifiably excited about the extension of BART service to Antioch due to open in 2018, the timeline for development of rail service to Brentwood is much longer,” said BART Board President Tom Blalock.  “This resolution sets the stage for a possible alternative approach of phased transit improvement, starting with a modern transit center served by Tri Delta Transit.”

A transit facility could be constructed in Brentwood in the vicinity of Highway 4 and the Mokelumne Trail at a likely future eBART station site, with Tri Delta Transit providing enhanced service upon opening. If political support, funding and eBART ridership evolve, many station elements could be converted from a bus station to a BART station.

“The transit center has the potential to benefit and serve all of East County,” said Brentwood Mayor Robert Taylor.  “This transit-oriented development could provide transit-accessible, high-quality jobs for area residents.”

The Intermodal Transit Center is proposed to be five miles beyond the Antioch BART station currently under construction. Preliminary estimates put the cost of construction the proposed transit center at $37 million.  

The Brentwood Intermodal Transit Center is just one of the proposed and adopted projects BART will submit to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for Plan Bay Area for evaluation.