Escalator out of service report Updated


Escalator out of service report Updated

Updated: 11/05/2015

One of our platform-level escalators at Glen Park Station experienced a significant mechanical failure in the drive system.  This requires removal of the system and a complete overhaul. The work will require that the escalator be taken out of service until approximately mid-December 2015. These repairs are vital to the safe operation of the escalator.

There is another platform-level escalator and an elevator available in the station.

One escalator remains out of service at Civic Center Station. The escalator to the platform on the southwest side of the station (to your right as you enter through the faregates) will be out of service until November 25. It requires repairs to the step chain. There is an elevator that serves that side of the station. The chain is on order and is expected to be received 11/16, we have experienced delays in receiving the replacement chain.Once the new chain is received and passes inspection, the escalator will be reassembled.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you.