Repairs to column finishes at Daly City Station start January 2016


Repairs to column finishes at Daly City Station start January 2016

As part of our systemwide Earthquake Safety Program, we will begin to repair failing paint and coating finishes on BART columns in and around Daly City Station that previously underwent earthquake strengthening upgrades. Beginning in January 2016, work areas will be fenced in and you may see construction equipment and personnel accessing the site. The first area of work will be on columns in the small parking area along John Daly Blvd. After this is complete, the work will move north into the station. The work will be done in phases to limit disruption and each phase will be for approximately 10 days. Rain can delay the work.

Some parking will be temporarily closed to make room for the work. The contractor will place signs in advance of closing parking spaces to let you know when those specific spaces will be closed.

During the work, pedestrian access in and around the station will change periodically. You can expect temporary construction-related noise, dust, odors, and minor traffic and parking impacts. We will monitor noise and dust and work to minimize any inconveniences.  Please move around construction areas with caution and watch for signs with safety information and other notices. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we complete this vital work. 
As always, safety is our top priority. Our aim is to strengthen the system as quickly as possible, while maintaining service. To contact the Earthquake Safety Program or obtain additional information, please visit our website at or call our Program Information Line at 
(510) 874-7425