BART to offer rewards program


BART to offer rewards program

** Update: BART Perks launched August 30th and will run through Feb 2017. Sign up at


BART riders will soon get the chance to win small cash rewards and help reduce crowding by participating in a research pilot program being offered by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) and BART to incentivize riders to shift travel times away from the peak morning hours. 

“BART Perks,” will launch in Spring, 2016 and will allow for 25,000 participants for a 6 month period.  Participants earn points for riding BART. Points can be redeemed for small cash rewards via Paypal or can be used to play for a chance at bigger prizes.

Check back for details in the coming weeks.  Sign up for BART news alerts to get an email or text announcement when the program is launched at (select “news”).