Elevator out at Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre 4/29-5/28 (new date)


Elevator out at Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre 4/29-5/28 (new date)

Updated: 5/17/2016

The only elevator serving the platform for northbound (Pittsburg/Bay Point) trains at this station went out of service on Thursday, April 28, 2016. 

A hydraulic line has ruptured and must be replaced to restore service to the elevator. The work is taking longer to complete than we first thought. The new estimated date for return to service is May 28, 2016.

In order to have elevator access to or from northbound trains, you will need to use another station. Or, if you are on the train and want to get off at Pleasant Hill, please travel to Concord, cross the platform and take the San Francisco train back to the Pleasant Hill station, where the southbound elevator is working.  

If you begin your trip at Pleasant Hill and want to travel north, please travel to Walnut Creek on a San Francisco train and then take a Pittsburg/Bay Point train to your destination.  Alternatively, you may request an elevator mitigation/paratransit trip with the Station Agent.

To check if an elevator is in service before arriving at a station, please call 510-834-LIFT (510-834-5438) or 888-2-ELEVAT (888-235-3828), or sign up for elevator status alerts at www.BART.gov/stations/elevators.

We apologize for the great inconvenience this will cause you and appreciate your patience while we work on this repair.