AC Transit increases service to BART


AC Transit increases service to BART

AC Transit is launching its most significant expansion of bus service in recent history. Known as AC Go – it’s a nearly 14 percent expansion in overall service specifically designed to place more buses on the streets of the 22 cities and unincorporated areas served by AC Transit every day.  This is great news for BART riders because they researched ways and made changes to better connect to our stations. The result is newly created bus lines, the redesign of other routes, and some line providing more frequent service to BART.

“Having more transit options serving our stations is great for the region,” said BART Director Rebecca Saltzman.  “We can’t add more parking at BART so making the connection between bus and BART as seamless and frequent as possible will help make it easier for our riders to leave their cars at home.”

Details of AC Go to BART

Line 10


  • Line 10 represents a new extension from Hayward BART to San Leandro BART.
  • It is a redesign of Line 99 to achieve frequency of every 15 minutes.

Line 90

  • Newly designed, Line 90 will connect Coliseum BART and Foothill Square via 85th and 90th Avenues.
  • Frequency will be every 20 minutes.

Line 98

  • Line 98 will connect Coliseum BART and Eastmont Transit Center via 98th Ave. 
  • New Line 90 will connect Coliseum BART and Foothill Square via 85th and 90th Avenues.
  • Both lines will operate every 20 minutes.
  • The service day will be extended from 9:45 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Line 99

  • The existing line will continue to serve Bayfair BART.
  • The route adds a new northern extension to San Leandro BART.
  • Frequency will be every 15 minutes.


In additions to these changes Lines 7, 12, 52, & 88 will see increased frequency which will benefit riders transferring from BART.


AC Go will unfold in phases. Check out their website for details