Elevator Outage Schedule: Progress on effort to improve rider experience in elevators


Elevator Outage Schedule: Progress on effort to improve rider experience in elevators

www.bart.gov/elevators lists all outages in real time as well as planned upcoming outages.  You can bookmark the page to your phone so you can quickly access it.

Update 5/1/2017: All 80 elevator floors have been replaced and this project is complete.

Thank you for your patience during this project.

Riders will soon enjoy improved safety, appearance, and cleanliness on 80 elevators throughout the BART system thanks to the “Elevator Flooring Replacement” project.

The project is focused on replacing the existing flooring with a new material, two-part Polyurea epoxy, that will help prevent liquid from getting beneath the floor and causing damage. The improvements will also make the elevators easier to clean.

Due to the nature of the work, each elevator must be shut down for a minimum of five days. The construction process will require one day for demolition of the existing floor, up to two days for repairs and floor surface preparation work, another day for the Polyurea application and one more day for curing and installing splash guards and interior trim pieces. However, if the damage to the elevator cab is extensive, the repair work could take more than five days.

Crews will be performing work on up to three elevators per week with an estimated completion date of April 2017.

There’s also an added effort to help keep the elevator shafts clean. BART is prototyping a bacteria-eating enzyme misting system at Civic Center Station in San Francisco. The new system is located inside the elevator shaft and does not interfere with elevator operation. The misting system is set up to activate each hour.

BART will continue to provide updates here as to what stations are next in line to undergo the elevator floor renovation work. These updates can be found in our news section. 

Click here for a .pdf of the work schedule (subject to change) and list of completed elevators.

The upcoming elevator work schedule includes the following stations.

  • Pleasant Hill parking garage elevator modernization: Through June 2018

To check if an elevator is in service before arriving at a station, please call 510-834-LIFT (510-834-5438) or 888-2-ELEVAT (888-235-3828)

At any time if you arrive at a station without a working elevator, you can contact the Station Agent to call for a lift van to transfer you to the nearest station with a working elevator.

You can sign up for elevator status alerts at www.BART.gov/alerts

Current elevator closures can also be found at www.BART.gov/elevators