Fremont Station "Hearing Loop" construction 12/6


Fremont Station "Hearing Loop" construction 12/6

Construction is planned to begin on Tuesday, December 6 (date may change due to rain) on a new “Hearing Loop” assistive listening system at Fremont Station to enhance service for passengers who use t-coil hearing aids. This is an ADA pilot project. A demonstration project was tried at Colma Station and the results were positive.

The work will take place at night while there are fewer/no passengers (weekdays between approximately 7:30pm to 3:30am and weekends between approximately 7:30pm to 8am). The work will happen on the platform and near the Station Agent booth.

The crew will be using concrete saws and drills during the work which is expected to last a month.

We realize that this will be inconvenient for you and appreciate your patience during this important work.