Elevator out at San Leandro 1/17 to 1/20


Elevator out at San Leandro 1/17 to 1/20

On Tuesday, 1/17 we will begin work to replace the defective elevator floor at San Leandro Station that serves the platform for trains to Fremont.

There will be no elevator service to this platform from 1/17 to 1/20. If you need to use an elevator for access, you will have to go to an adjacent station—we suggest you take a train back to Coliseum Station and change trains back toward Fremont.

If you arrive at any station without a working elevator, you may contact a Station Agent to arrange for a lift van to take you to a nearby station with a working elevator.

To check if an elevator is in service before arriving at a station, please call 510-834-LIFT (510-834-5438) or 888-2-ELEVAT (888-235-3828), or sign up for elevator status alerts at www.bart.gov/elevators.
We apologize for the great inconvenience this will cause you and appreciate your patience while we perform this important maintenance work.