BART launches "Bay Area Rides Together" campaign


BART launches "Bay Area Rides Together" campaign

BART is taking new steps to highlight the diversity of our ridership and to make sure everyone feels welcome on the transit system.

The “Bay Area Rides Together” campaign includes 280 posters that have been placed inside our trains.  The signs focus on a central theme, “on this train, everyone is welcome.”

“This public outreach effort is a direct response to many of the thoughts and emotions that have been expressed to us by our riders,” said Board President Rebecca Saltzman.  “They’ve wanted us to reaffirm that BART is a safe place for everybody.”

One of the signs features the word “welcome” translated into more than a dozen languages.  Another depicts the rich diversity of our riding public with a collection of raised hands in a rainbow of colors.  A third includes an artistic representation of hundreds of passengers that reflects the variety of ages, colors and abilities of the people who ride our trains.

“We hope our riders will rally together and look out for one another,” Saltzman added.  Harassment and verbal threats of any kind are not tolerated on BART.  Anyone who is a victim of or witness to harassment can call BART police at 510-464-7000 or use the BART Watch App at

BART takes all reports of threats or harassment seriously. 

The posters are in addition to BART’s social media campaign stating: "All races, colors, religions, genders, ages, veterans, sexual orientations, the disabled and those of foreign national origin are welcome on BART.” 

You can dowload the new posters here: WelcomeCards.pdf

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