Check out our Twitter town hall archive


Check out our Twitter town hall archive

* Check out the archive of our Twitter town hall 

Bring all your questions about BART’s future to the upcoming Twitter town hall we’re hosting from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23, where we’ll have experts and elected leaders on-hand to discuss next year’s budget (FY18 is July 1 2017-June 30 2018).

BART is facing funding challenges as ridership has dropped, but we look forward to discussing with the public the reasons for these shortfalls and our plan to move forward. In times of declining revenue, staff and directors are working hard to propose solutions that offer cost savings without cutting into service levels.

Other highlights from the upcoming budget include major Measure RR expenditures, which will go toward replacing track, developing power infrastructure, and other critical improvements to increase safety and reliability.

Fare evasion and security improvements are also at the top of our priority list, with $1.2 million slated to go toward stepping up public safety.

The next year will be full of new-service milestones, including the opening of the new 10 mile BART-to-Antioch extension past Pittsburg / Bay Point and potentially Berryessa and Milpitas stations. We’re ready to answer questions about how this will affect existing service, with new Fleet of the Future cars being delivered to help meet new demand.

Bring your questions, and we’ll be ready with answers!

Twitter Town Hall Tues May 23 Noon-1pm