Hazardous material abatement at multiple stations June-July 2017


Hazardous material abatement at multiple stations June-July 2017

Starting on Monday, June 12, 2017, at San Leandro Station, we will begin preparing for the installation of new signs in 8 of our stations. Before installing the signs, we need to remove asbestos and lead paint in the work area. These materials have not been a hazard while they remained undisturbed. However, since the sign installation may cause dust or flaking of the material, it must be removed. All precautions will be taken to protect our customers while this work is being done. The removal work will occur between 8pm and 4am at the stations listed below. 

The contractors doing the work are required to wear various safety equipment such as special suits, masks, respirators, etc. This is part of regulations and is done for the safety of the workers. The contractor will use ladders to access the work areas in various sections of the station. They have been instructed to stay out of the way of passengers during revenue hours if possible. BART Safety Monitors will be present.

The stations undergoing abatement are: San Leandro, West Oakland, 19th Street, Lake Merritt, Coliseum, Bay Fair, Hayward, and South Hayward.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.