Downtown Berkeley Station Rotunda entrance closes and south entrance opens 7/17 Updated


Downtown Berkeley Station Rotunda entrance closes and south entrance opens 7/17 Updated

8/4/2017 Update: Rotunda entrance now scheduled to close 8/14. Date is not firm.

South Platform Entrance (Allston Way) Opens
On July 17, 2017, we will reopen the southern entrance to the platform (near Allston Way West) at our Downtown Berkeley Station. This entrance has been closed for an extended period of time and is reopening as part of our Station Modernization program. 

You will be able to enter the new fare gates with a Clipper card only. You won’t be able to use a paper ticket to enter these gates. You can exit with either a Clipper card or paper ticket. Both paper tickets and Clipper cards will continue to be accepted at all other fare gates. You can add value to your Clipper card at any fare machine. In the future, a Clipper card vending machine will be available which will let you purchase a card inside the station and add value.

If you don’t have Clipper, you can go online to to order a card by mail or to find a convenient retail location to purchase a card, such as Walgreens or Target Express. Between 10am and 5pm during the first week after reopening we will have staff nearby with information on your Clipper card options. If you qualify for discounted fare (senior, youth, or persons with a disability), staff and will have information on how to get a card with your discount. If you order a card online, it will automatically be registered to protect you if the card gets lost or stolen. Also, when you are online you can set up the “Autoload” feature to avoid having to add value at a machine.

We have added an accessible fare gate to this entrance to accommodate bikes and luggage. There are only stairs to the platform at this entrance—there is no accessible path to the platform.

Rotunda (Center St.) Street Entrance Closing
Once the southern entrance is open, we will close the Rotunda street entrance (approximately July 24) in order to continue with our Plaza Improvement Project. The Rotunda street entrance will reopen in early 2018. The access to the platform, station agent booth, and fare machines in the center of the station will continue to operate as usual. Click here for map.