Lost and Found Office closed 11/6 – 11/10 for inventory; online reporting still available


Lost and Found Office closed 11/6 – 11/10 for inventory; online reporting still available

BART's walk-up Lost and Found Office at 12th St./Oakland City Center Station will be closed to the public for one week from Nov. 6-10 for a new round of inventory. During that period, you may still report a lost item using our online reporting form and it will go into the system so we can attempt to locate your item.

The inventory will allow us to better sort through, organize and look more closely for identifying information to help reunite items with their owners.

If you find a lost item in the BART system during this time, you can leave it with a Station Agent. We thank everyone who does the right thing by returning items others have left behind. Working together with our riders, we have returned lost laptops, tablets, cellphones, wallets, purses -- as well as objects of less value that are nonetheless of great importance to their owners, like a special sweater or a beloved book.

Edna Stanley, a transportation manager, said there are shelves upon shelves filled with “keys, cellphones, backpacks, purses, wallets, anything you could possibly think of.”

“I had a customer day before yesterday looking for keys to his Mercedes-Benz and he was very happy to get them back – those keys can cost $500,” she said.

She urged riders who lose items to use the online form, which gets the request into a tracking system that can expedite getting your item back to you. The Lost and Found staff try to contact individuals whose items have ID inside, but some are logged with no identifiable owner. They’re kept for three months in storage before being turned over to an online auction site, as required by law for unclaimed property.

For more information or to use the online reporting system visit: http://www.bart.gov/guide/lostandfound