Photo Essay: Bart the adopted BART dog settles in to his new home


Photo Essay: Bart the adopted BART dog settles in to his new home

BART Senior Web Producer 

Why wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks? We're grateful to Todd and BethAnn of Oakland, who adopted the stray dog who ran onto BART tracks recently and was rescued by BART Police. He's got a dual name -- Bart, for where he was found, and Bodhi, which BethAnn explains in the Buddhist tradition "means enlightenment/teacher of compassion... seems a fitting name since he's clearly had a hard life and yet he's always gentle and accepting. We can use a big dose of kindness in the world these days, and he seems to embody that." 

Well said. Enjoy these new photos if you feel the same. 

Dog bed

Sometimes Dad cuddles me to sleep in my very own bed. 

Couch look

You lookin' at me? Yeah, I know I've got it good. 

Couch snuggle

Sitting with pals on the couch is one of my favorite things. 

Floor snuggle

Can't beat lying on a soft rug for belly rubs from Dad. 

Topaz the cat

My sister Topaz the calico cat still rules over the big bed but I'm happy on the floor. 

Out for a walk

I love walks and greeting friends in our Rockridge neighborhood. I'm a lucky dog and I know it!
Mom BethAnn says, "He was abused and neglected, and sometimes cowers like he's going to be hit, but of course he is instead showered with lots of loving pets and kisses. ... Everywhere we take him, people ask about his back story. The great news is people really cheer for BART for doing the right thing and helping to rescue a stray dog who needed a forever home."