Guaranteed carpool program expands to Orinda, Rockridge


Guaranteed carpool program expands to Orinda, Rockridge

Beginning November 13th, BART will reserve parking spaces in the permit area at the Orinda and Rockridge BART stations for commuters using the carpool app, Scoop.  This opening is an expansion of the Carpool to BART program which currently operates at Concord, Dublin/Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Millbrae, and San Bruno BART stations.

The Scoop to BART Carpool program aims to expand BART’s parking capacity, to create an easier parking experience for commuters.  Most of the agency’s 48,000 parking spaces fill by 8:00 a.m. each weekday. Ninety-five percent of those spots are taken by solo drivers, according to a 2016 passenger survey.  BART’s new program offers commuters the opportunity to secure a parking space in exchange for a shared trip.

Scoop makes it easy to enjoy this new program, as evidenced by the program’s popularity at the Dublin/Pleasanton station.  The app matches commuters into carpools the night before the trip to the station, and provides drivers with information on how and where to park.

To get guaranteed parking at Orinda and Rockridge BART stations: download the app at, use promo code BARTLOVE05 to receive a $5 credit, type in the BART station name, and schedule a ride either before 9:00 p.m. the night before the morning commute or by 3:30pm for that evening’s commute.  Shortly after the deadline, Scoop notifies commuters who have matched with one of their 65,000+ users. Scoop coordinates with BART to help verify carpoolers and ensure smooth operations every morning.

Contra Costa residents going to the Orinda station are also eligible for discounts on the Scoop app through a partnership between 511 Contra Costa, Contra Costa Transportation Authority and Scoop.

This program was developed by MTC, BART and Scoop, and made possible with funding from a Federal Transit Administration Mobility On Demand Sandbox grant. The grant includes enhancements to the app that will make the trip to BART seamless for commuters. Scoop to BART commuters will be able to find a match, pay or receive money for the carpool, and pay for BART parking through the app. Enhancements will also synchronize travel times with BART schedules, add stations as destinations within the app, and allow drivers to indicate whether their vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

BART, MTC, and Scoop plan to continue expanding this service to additional BART stations throughout this and next year.

More information about this program can be found at or