New Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off Area at Walnut Creek Station


New Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off Area at Walnut Creek Station

We have reconfigured the parking at Walnut Creek Station to accommodate the construction of a new parking garage. The passenger pick-up and drop-off area has been relocated to the north side of the current parking garage. There are no other areas designated for pick-up or drop-off. 

Please ask your ride to pick you up in the passenger pick-up/drop-off zone. This map identifies the exact location and a more efficient way to meet your ride. The routes identified are a faster way to enter and exit the station during the high commute hours. 

NOTE: Drivers attempting to pick-up or drop-off passengers in any other part of the station area will be subject to fines.

If you are using a ride service such as Lyft or Uber designate your pick-up location to be on Pringle Ave for a faster option to meet your ride.

We understand that this move has caused some inconvenience, and appreciate your effort to use the correct location.