Guaranteed parking carpool program now at Warm Springs


Guaranteed parking carpool program now at Warm Springs

Starting today, carpoolers commuting to Fremont's Warm Springs Station can get guaranteed parking until 10am when they use carpool app Scoop.

BART is allocating permit parking spaces at the Warm Springs Station specifically for carpoolers who use Scoop.

The app connects neighbors and co-workers and fills seats in vehicles already driving to BART stations.

They also provide verification to BART for parking enforcement.

The Scoop to BART program continues its goal to relieve impacted BART parking and improve work commutes.

“We’re proud to partner with BART to help improve what, for many of us, is one of the worst parts of our day: our commutes,” says David Clavens, Head of Marketing at Scoop. “Together, we hope to help commuters across the Bay Area make their commutes more enjoyable and efficient with our Scoop to BART program, ultimately helping them be happier and less stressed in their day-to-day lives.”

Carpoolers can participate in the program by downloading and registering on the free Scoop app for iOS and Android. Users type in the Warms Springs BART station name as their destination, and schedule a ride by 9pm the night before their morning commute, or by 3pm for that evening’s commute. Scoop notifies you shortly after the deadline if you have matched with one of their 100,000+ carpoolers. Scoop also guarantees your ride home if you are unable to be matched on your return trip.

 “We’re excited to be launching at another end of the line station, and one that is near I-680 carpool lanes. This will improve access to our system for users that live farther away from BART. We think it will really help reduce time spent in traffic for many commuters”, says Bob Franklin, BART’s Manager of Customer Access and Accessibility.  

The Scoop to BART program is a recipient of the Federal Transit Administration Mobility On-Demand Sandbox grant. This grant funds expansion of the program, and enhancements on Scoop’s app platform that improve the experience for BART commuters. The program is a partnership between BART, Scoop Technologies, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) 511 Carpool Program.  

“This program was formed to effect change, and we see it doing just that. Scoop’s app takes the guesswork out of carpooling, and with this program, BART is taking the hassle out of parking. We hope to continue to encourage people to share their rides to BART by putting these resources at their fingertips,” says Barbara Laurenson, MTC’s Project Manager for the 511 Carpool Program.

Warm Springs is the 12th BART station to have parking spaces set aside in the permit area for carpoolers using Scoop.

The Scoop to BART program is also available at South San Francisco, Daly City, Colma, Union City, Rockridge, Orinda, Concord, Pleasant Hill, San Bruno, Millbrae, and Dublin/Pleasanton stations.

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