Weekend tile work at MacArthur Station


Weekend tile work at MacArthur Station

During the weekends that we are running a free bus bridge while we do important track work, we will continue to replace the platform tiles at MacArthur station.

Because of the bus bridge, any riders who wish to transfer trains to San Francisco should stay on their train until 19th Street, take the free bus to West Oakland, and board a train to the West Bay there. If coming from San Francisco and you want to transfer for any East Bay destination, please also do so at 19th Street. 

Riders coming from Antioch and transfering to Richmond or Warm Springs, should still transfer at MacArthur.

The weekends are:

  • August 4-5 
  • August 25-26
  • Labor Day weekend, September 1-3
  • September 22-23

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.