Measure RR bond funded projects are on time, on budget and paying off


Measure RR bond funded projects are on time, on budget and paying off

The first year of BART’s Measure RR bond-funded rebuilding work is already paying off for our riders.  BART’s on-time performance rate has increased to 93.6%.  That’s BART’s highest on-time rate in four years and is thanks in part to the infrastructure improvements supported by RR along with several years of greater attention to incident management, quality maintenance, and system rehabilitation.  As we roll out more projects, we anticipate the on-time performance to improve exponentially.  

Measure RR Spending and Projects

So far, BART has spent nearly $70 million from the $3.5 billion bond measure. Based on performance to date, the projects that are underway are on time and on budget.  Much of the initial effort has been heavily focused on engineering and issuing the first installment of bonds worth $300 million.  This early work isn’t very visible to the public but that will soon change.  The year ahead will bring the launch of multi-year projects that include new escalators and modernized stations that will have a big impact on our riders.  We will also continue to perform behind-the-scenes infrastructure upgrades that will further boost our reliability.  Staying one step ahead of maintenance troubles is at the heart of RR.

The Measure RR Bond Oversight Committee is keeping track of how funds are spent. The Committee’s mandate is to provide diligent oversight that all spending is authorized and that projects are completed in a timely, cost-effective, and high-quality manner. The Bond Oversight Committee is made up of community members with expertise in different disciplines from finance to engineering to project management.

Today, the BART Board of Directors is acknowledging the work of this volunteer committee and receiving its first annual report.  Click here to dig into the report and all its details.

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