Temporary Parking Changes at Lafayette Station August 2018


Temporary Parking Changes at Lafayette Station August 2018

We are continuing to make improvements to station access and the parking lots at Lafayette Station. When fully completed, this project will increase the number of ADA-compliant parking spaces, improve signs, replace paving, improve circulation through the lots, improve pedestrian safety and access, increase motorcycle parking, and improve the bus zones and passenger drop off areas.

On approximately August 20, 2018, we will reopen most of Lot A (the lot bounded by Happy Valley Road and Deer Hill Road). Areas around the edge of the lot will be closed as some finishing work is completed (striping, numbering, paving, sign install, etc.) There will be signs and fencing around each work area.

Around the same time, we will begin work to complete the solar panel project in Lots C & D. Portions of these lots will be fenced off in turn while the work is completed. In Lot D, no more than two carport structures will be closed off at a time with up to 94 space out of service. In Lot C, 68 parking spaces will be taken out of service at a time. The work in each section should take approximately two weeks to complete. (See map below or click for .pdf)

This project is expected to be completed by approximately October 15, 2018. 

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

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