Entrance closure at Downtown Berkeley Station 10/12/2018


Entrance closure at Downtown Berkeley Station 10/12/2018

As part of the ongoing renovations to the Downtown Berkeley Station, we will close two entrances on the east side of Shattuck. The first, entrance A1, at Shattuck and Addison Street, will close on October 12, and the second, entrance A2, at Shattuck and Allston Way, will close approximately 2 weeks later. The entrances will remain closed for approximately 4 months.  Please see the map for the entrance locations.

Project completion is expected in Spring 2019.

The renovations will improve access to other modes of travel, redo station entrances, improve bus shelters, provide new plaza paving, lighting and landscaping. Once completed, the plaza will provide open space for events and activities. New wayfinding signs and electronic displays with real-time BART and bus arrival information, throughout the station and plaza, will be added.

While these entrances close, there will always be open entrances. 

Bus and shuttle stops and the taxi stand will need to be relocated during the work. There will be signs and maps to direct customers to the temporary locations of these services.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Station map 3/1/19