BART Statement on Ca. Public Utilities Commission decision related to 2013 fatal accident


BART Statement on Ca. Public Utilities Commission decision related to 2013 fatal accident

BART is currently evaluating the October 11th Decision by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regarding the tragic deaths of two workers along the BART tracks on October 19, 2013.

BART has worked with the CPUC and others to identify and address all potential causes of the accident.  BART responded swiftly to the accident by abolishing its prior wayside access procedures, working with an independent association to create and implement new wayside access procedures, and retraining all employees and contractors who might access BART’s wayside.

BART put into place a Roadway Worker Protection Program which mirrors and is fully compliant with CPUC General Order 175.  

 We now require:

  • Three-way communication between the control center, wayside crews, and the train operator.  If a worker is within six feet of the track, trains are stopped and cannot proceed unless and until the wayside worker acknowledges to the Operations Control Center that he or she is clear of the trackway and that it is safe for the train to proceed;
  • Reduced train speeds (not more than 27 miles per hour) near work areas;
  • Work orders before workers may enter the wayside; and
  • An Employee in Charge in addition to a watch person (BART always required a watch person if a worker was going near the track)

In addition, BART has put up physical barriers trackside to protect crews.  We have installed $2M worth of wayside safety barrier fencing and we have two contracts with a combined value of $4M in progress.  The wayside safety barrier is installed in areas where maintenance crews need to access the right of way, but will not enter the track zone.

Nothing is more important to BART than safety.  A safer system for our employees will provide for a safer system for our riders and a better BART.