Downtown Berkeley BART Entrance and Plaza Opens


Downtown Berkeley BART Entrance and Plaza Opens

A dramatically transformed plaza above the Downtown Berkeley BART Station is now open to the public, featuring enhanced bus and BART connectivity, pedestrian improvements and modern environmental elements.

One of the most noticeable changes is the sleek glass and steel main entrance enclosure.

“The new main BART entrance is not only visually striking, it’s a major upgrade in terms of functionality,” said BART Director Rebecca Saltzman. “The staircase improves pedestrian circulation and the new bus shelters and bus-only lane enhance BART and bus connections. The plaza exemplifies our efforts to ensure BART stations serve as integral parts of the communities we serve.”  

The plaza is designed to improve both safety and walkability through LED lighting, granite aggregate pavers with neutral color tones, public art and landscaping. All on-site stormwater will be treated through bio-retention planters and landscaping.

The plaza opened Thursday, October 18, 2018, with a ceremony that highlighted the close partnership between BART and the City of Berkeley. BART and the City first began their collaboration in 2006 with initial planning and design. Using a community-based design process, the goals were to enhance multi-modal transit access to expand ridership; increase accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists, reorganize the public space to better accommodate transit users and, importantly, to reflect the identity of the community and history of Downtown Berkeley.

The project was funded by State Prop 1B and local area grants including Measure F. The overall budget was $13 million including $9.4 million for construction.  The project is within budget.

Downtown Plaza features:

  • New main entrance with a glass floor that illuminates from below at night and allows natural light into the Station
  • New entrances at Allston and Addison with similar glass and steel design
  • Two new steel and glass bus shelters
  • High quality pavers throughout the plaza
  • Nine new trees and three landscape areas
  • Eight sound and light poles