New BART Trip Planner now in beta, offers real-time end to end trip planning


New BART Trip Planner now in beta, offers real-time end to end trip planning

BART has launched the beta version of its new Multi-Modal Trip Planner, which will help riders go anywhere in the Bay Area using the various modes of transportation the region provides. Riders can now plug in their home address, work address or their next destination to find the most transit-friendly route at the quickest time. With the interactive, real-time Trip Planner, riders will be able to plan out itineraries using BART, buses, trains, trams, ferries, and cable cars available in the nine Bay Area counties. In addition to the public transit options, the Trip Planner also takes into account walking, bicycling and driving in a car.

The Trip Planner is still in its beta phase. But we encourage our riders to try out the Trip Planner and give us feedback so we may fine-tune it before its official launch.

Unlike the past QuickPlanner, the new Trip Planner factors in real time train departures and service disruptions such as delays and bus bridges, instead of being solely based on the schedule timetables.  Offering various transportation options to provide a complete itinerary is also a new and exclusive feature making the tool truly multi-modal.

The Trip Planner is available at

Key Features:

  • Plan your entire end to end trip with BART’s exclusive Trip Planner giving you the fastest route from your starting point to your destination using BART and multiple modes of transportation, including connecting transit, biking, walking and driving.
  • Step by step navigation with personalized preferences.
  • Real time departures and schedule timetable.
  • Service disruption information linked to your trip itinerary.