Veterans Day service adjustments 2018


Veterans Day service adjustments 2018

On Monday, November 12, we will be reducing some service on the Antioch Line. Passengers on the Antioch Line during peak hours should expect 10-15 minute headways.  

Specifically the following Yellow Line trains are cancelled:
•The 7:14am, and 7:29am that start at North Concord 
•The 8:42am that starts at Pleasant Hill
•The 4:59pm and 5:14pm that start at Daly City

Many Transbay trains will also be operating as 8-car trains instead of 9-10 car trains. 

See the schedule by line for details on these trains and when they are typically scheduled to arrive at stations further down the line. 

Otherwise, BART will be operating on a normal weekday schedule.

Ridership is expected to be relatively low on Monday and we are strategically cutting back on car hours to preserve our legacy fleet.

BART will operate on a regular Sunday schedule on November 11.

As always, there is no charge for parking on holidays, but we will enforce other parking restrictions.