BART Station Agent gets a Mardi Gras surprise


BART Station Agent gets a Mardi Gras surprise

A local high school teacher recently reached out to us to praise one of BART’s Station Agents for exceptional customer service. The teacher, Kathrina Miranda, chaperone Carla Perez and 30-plus students had all just used BART to travel to and from a field trip.  They met station agent Cheryl Florent at her South Hayward Station booth.

The teacher said Ms. Florent helped the students with their tickets, told them about BART’s internship program and shared details about her career experience. They all loved her spirit, good nature and big heart.

To recognize Ms. Florent, we paid a surprise visit. Since she’s a New Orleans native and it’s Mardi Gras, it included a special taste from home.

Ms. Florent’s supervisor Phaethon Brown, Ms. Miranda and Ms. Perez were all in on it.

Is there a Station Agent you have interacted with that deserves special recognition? Send us your story at [email protected]

Cheryl being honored

Kathrina Miranda, Cheryl Florent, Phaethon Brown and Carla Perez at South Hayward Station on Tuesday, March 5, 2019