BART looking into cause of Saturday's computer network problem


BART looking into cause of Saturday's computer network problem


Read the update from Thursday March 14th into the cause of the network problem here.

Monday March 11th Update

BART staff is waiting for failure analysis results from Cisco to understand the exact cause of a computer network failure on Saturday.  Once we understand the exact cause, we can determine next steps needed.

At 2:45 am on Saturday we experienced a computer network failure. The failure was software-related at one switch that is part of a complex computer network.  As a result, trains were not dispatched between 6am and 9am Saturday morning.

There was no maintenance being done on the system at the time of the failure. Therefore, we know the cause wasn’t attributed to work being done overnight.

We were able to safely restart the system and provide train service after staff performed field resets at 46 field locations and 68 traction power substations. Since the field resets took place, all train systems have performed as designed without failure.

All BART systems are designed to fail in a safe mode to ensure the safety of our riders and employees.