Free buses to replace trains between Concord and Pleasant Hill stations June 8-9


Free buses to replace trains between Concord and Pleasant Hill stations June 8-9

BART crews will be working four weekends from 4/27/19 to 6/9/19 on the trackway near the Concord Station.  The trackway between the Concord and Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre stations will be closed on the following weekends:



5/25-5/27 (3-day Memorial Day weekend)


Crews will work around the clock during the temporary track closures between the Concord and Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre stations. This critical infrastructure work will replace nearly fifty-year-old track and is made possible by voter-approved Measure RR funds. During service hours, free buses instead of trains will carry passengers between Concord and Pleasant Hill.

Our maintenance team needs the track closed to replace rail; ballast; vital electrical and train control equipment; and a drainage system. Once the work is complete BART passengers will experience a smoother, safer, quieter, and more reliable ride.

Passengers traveling through Pleasant Hill or Concord stations will be required to leave their train and take a free bus provided by County Connection to the next station in their direction of travel. Passengers traveling through this area should add 20 minutes to their planned trip. Passengers traveling toward San Francisco, who typically park at Concord, North Concord, or Pittsburg/Bay Point stations, may choose to drive to the Pleasant Hill Station and park for free to avoid the bus bridge.

The last two trains scheduled to depart Antioch at 11:23 pm and 11:45 pm will be cancelled. The connecting southbound trains from Pittsburg/Bay Point to Concord will run out of service to Concord.  For northbound trains, the last train will depart Millbrae at 11:47 pm and will arrive at Pleasant Hill at 1:06 am.  The last bus will transport passengers to Concord Station where the final train will hold for the last bus and depart at 1:33 am.  That train will connect with a special final BART-to-Antioch train at 1:47 am.

Starting Monday, April 15, two trains which start at Daly City and end at North Concord at 6:03 and 6:18 p.m. will go as far as Pleasant Hill. Riders needing to go further than Pleasant Hill who are on the two trains should exit at Pleasant Hill and wait for the next train at the same platform. The change will be in effect until June. 

The work should not impact the rest of the system.

BART’s Trip Planner will include updated service information for weekends impacted by the track work (will be added by end of day on Friday 4/12).  You can also view maps of our Saturday and Sunday service plans.

We understand this will be an inconvenience for you. We appreciate your patience.

Saturday map

Sunday map