New Detours inside Coliseum Station for Earthquake Safety Work--Update


New Detours inside Coliseum Station for Earthquake Safety Work--Update


Periodic nighttime work activity inside the Station during weekdays is scheduled in April and May, starting as early as Thursday, April 11 at approximately 9:00 pm.  Night work will continue through the morning blanket (non-revenue hours) and conclude early the next morning at approximately 4:00 am.

Starting approximately April 22, Stage 4 construction will begin, expanding the work area northward inside the Concourse, located closest to the northwest entrance near the elevator/stairs/escalators to the Pedestrian Bridge

On Monday, April 25, 2019, inside Coliseum Station, Concourse level, earthquake safety (seismic) retrofit construction will require temporary, 1-day additional detours on the northwest side of the Station for heavy equipment moves that will commence during non-peak hours at approximately 8:30 am, lasting approximately 6 hours.  

On Friday, April 5, 2019, starting at approximately 8:00 am, Earthquake Safety construction crews will begin installation of a plywood structure to create an enclosed work barrier for seismic retrofit construction. The walls will go up first, and approximately midday, during nonpeak hours, the ceiling will be installed creating an 8-foot wide temporary pedestrian tunnel for travel inside the Station as part of Stage 3 construction. This work is part of the BART systemwide Earthquake Safety Program, which will require construction activity at various locations and stages inside and outside the patron area. Work will take place during the daytime with some nighttime hours. On Friday, April 5 and as needed, Flaggers will be on site to assist patrons. Allow additional time for your travel inside the Station. Watch for detours and Flaggers dressed in bright yellow construction vests. See below status summary of construction stages for more information.

During construction, you will see heavy equipment accessing the site such as scissor lifts, drill rigs, concrete pump/hose and trucks, and temporary scaffolding/structures. Earthquake Safety construction consists of seismic retrofit work performed on each footing and pier cap (a beam connecting two columns) that serves to support the BART trackway under the alignment. 

Stage 1 Closure: Construction continues behind the escalator located on the south-end of the Concourse for approximately 2 more months. The escalator is open for patron use to and from the Platform. 
Stage 2 Closure: Construction requires temporary closure of the southwest stairwell for approximately 4-6 months. 
Stage 3 Closure: Construction has begun and a temporary, plywood enclosure structure will be installed on Friday, April 5, starting at approximately 8:00 am and will continue during non-peak hours. This is in the area located north of the fare gates and west of the pedestrian tunnel. Construction at this location is expected to continue for approximately 4-6 months and will include heavy drilling activities that will make noise. Sound barrier blankets will be in place to minimize noise levels. Noise, dust and odors will be monitored, and local regulations will be enforced. Allow additional time for travel and watch for detours, directional/informational signs. *All dates are approximate and subject to change

Add fare and parking machines, restrooms, elevators, escalators, and stairs – except the southwest stairwell, will remain accessible (open) during Stages 1, 2 and 3 construction. Please watch for directional signs and allow for additional travel time through the Concourse and between the Concourse and Platform. Similar earthquake safety retrofit construction is underway outside Coliseum Station and at Fruitvale Station. Construction outside Coliseum Station on both the north and south-end of the Station, mainly off San Leandro Street continues. Temporary relocation of ADA and BART parking located on the westside (San Leandro Street side) of the station continues. Construction outside the station on the south-end is nearing completion.                                                                                                                                                    
We recognize the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation during this work. As always, safety is BART’s top priority. Please proceed around construction areas with caution and watch for signs with safety information and other notices. Please be advised that changes/modifications may be required at any time; the construction team will make every effort to minimize inconveniences. Our aim is to complete seismic retrofit work as quickly as possible, while maintaining BART service. 

To contact the Earthquake Safety Program or to obtain additional information, please visit our website at or call our Program Information Line at (510) 874-7425. 

Map of detour at Coliseum