Transbay service restored following damaged PG&E gas line


Transbay service restored following damaged PG&E gas line

3:19 pm update

Transbay service has been restored. The Transbay Tube is open for regular service however there are major delays systemwide while we get trains moving again.

Service through the tube was suspend for 40 minutes. 

3:52 pm update

The delays are now 10 minutes systemwide.

At 2:40 pm today the Oakland Fire Dept. reported to BART that a construction company damaged a PG&E natural gas pipeline near the West Oakland Station. They instructed us to stop tranbay service through the Tube.  Service through the tube has been suspended until further notice.

This is a precautionary measure. There is no damage to the Transbay Tube.

We are currently running trains, just not through the tube and there are major delays systemwide.

Here are some cheat sheets to get from San Francisco to the East Bay without BART.

Transbay alternative

Transbay alternative

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