Measure RR brings dozens of BART rebuilding projects to life


Measure RR brings dozens of BART rebuilding projects to life

RR work

BART is starting to experience a revitalization thanks to rebuilding work that is having a direct impact on the travel experience of riders.  Measure RR is allowing BART to replace decades-old track equipment to create a system that is safer, quieter, and more reliable.

The Measure RR Bond Oversight Committee, which is responsible for ensuring bond money is spent as promised, on Thursday, July 25th will present its second annual report to the BART Board of Directors.  Measure RR is the $3.5 billion bond measure approved by BART District voters in 2016 to rebuild the system’s aging infrastructure.

The new report highlights recent RR milestones including:

• The replacement of 27 miles of track to improve overall service reliability.

• Replacement of six miles of a planned 100 miles of 34.5 kV electrical cable to ensure trains have a reliable source of traction power.

• The awarding of a $96.5 million contract to replace more than 40 aging escalators in downtown San Francisco.

• The start of a study on a second Transbay Rail Crossing that would aim to double BART’s transbay capacity.

In total there are 32 RR-funded projects that are either under construction or complete.  More than 50 additional projects are in the planning and design phase.

BART has invested more than $218 million in RR funds on infrastructure rebuilding projects.  The committee’s report finds the scope of RR-funded work completed to this point is ahead of baseline targets and the minimum spending level to meet legal requirements is being met.

Read the oversight committee’s full report here.