BART Board approves new and improved plan for future Irvington Station


BART Board approves new and improved plan for future Irvington Station

Today the BART Board of Directors voted to approve the updated and improved plan to move forward with the proposed Irvington Station to be located near the intersection of Osgood Rd and Washington Blvd, in between the Fremont and Warm Springs Stations.

The updated plan calls for a smaller, more cost-effective and neighborhood-friendly station which prioritizes pedestrian, bicycle and shared mobility access. The plan approved today provides greater opportunity for transit-oriented development located directly adjacent to the station and eases concerns related to traffic congestion caused by the addition of a BART station to the area.

The updated plan takes into account public feedback and input from a number of community meetings and surveys.  Adjustments have been made to address neighborhood concerns related to traffic safety, congestion, and parking impacts near residential streets. Modifications include improved pedestrian and bike access and safety, more efficient passenger pick-up and drop-off areas, a reduction in parking and the addition of a new aerial walkway directly connecting the concourse to the sidewalk along the west side of Osgood Rd. The City is also in the process of developing a residential parking permit program to protect neighborhood parking.  The station project will also include construction of the East Bay Greenway bicycle trail within site boundaries, as well as the stabilization and protection of the historic Gallegos Winery ruins, bringing that site up to City park standards.

“This future station will be relatively small in scale but will provide a neighborhood feel and will complement the area and those that live nearby,” said Paul Medved, BART’s Manager of the Warm Springs Capital Program. “This new station concept is the product of a highly collaborative effort between the City of Fremont and BART and reflects the needs of the community while also encouraging new transit trips and fewer cars on the roads.”

The City of Fremont is responsible for identifying and securing the necessary funding to design and construct the Irvington Station and secured $120 million in funding for the station through Alameda County Transportation Commission's Measure BB, which was approved by voters in 2014. Planning and environmental work is now complete and preliminary engineering efforts have begun.  Once all necessary funds are identified to build the station, BART will be responsible for operating and maintaining all elements of the new station and service.

The Irvington Station has long been part of the Warm Springs extension project, which is the 5.4 miles of track and service extension from Fremont to the Warm Springs Station that opened in March of 2017.  When the extension opened it did so with elements of infrastructure already in place to help facilitate construction of the future Irvington Station.  Specifically, steel sleeves are positioned beneath the trackway to accommodate foundation tie-beams and personnel access that would be required to construct the station.  The Irvington Station will be a two story, side platform station located just south of Washington Blvd with an at-grade trackway. 

More information can be found on the City of Fremont's project page