New Sunday service plan to begin in February


New Sunday service plan to begin in February

The Board has approved a change order to an existing contract for cable replacement, enabling a new Sunday service plan. Beginning February 16, 2020, two-line service into San Francisco will return. In addition to the Antioch/Millbrae (Yellow) Line, the Dublin (Blue) Line will once again offer transbay service on Sundays instead of turning back at MacArthur Station.

How far the Blue Line will travel on Sundays depends on whether single tracking will be required on any particular Sunday for a cable replacement project that began earlier this year.

On Sundays when there is no single tracking, the Blue Line will run to Daly City. For single-tracking Sundays, approximately half of all Sundays for the next two-to-three years, the Blue Line will travel from the East Bay to Montgomery Street Station and then turn back. For customers on the Blue Line who are travelling farther south, they will be able to transfer to a Yellow Line train at Montgomery St.

The trade off for the two-line service will be 24-minute headways, four minutes longer than the current Sunday service plan. BART staff believes this service plan will provide greater predictability and resilience in the event of a service delay.

Planned Feb 2020 Sunday service change