Additional Surface Parking Areas to Close at Millbrae Station (Phase 4) Update


Additional Surface Parking Areas to Close at Millbrae Station (Phase 4) Update

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, the Gateway at Millbrae Station project will close the southwest portion of the surface parking lot located between the Station and Rollins Road to prepare for construction. (Please see the map on the reverse). All areas will be signed at least 72 hours in advance of closures.

The parking garage will remain open during all phases of construction; however, a portion of the 1st floor of the garage will also be closed on February 22, 2020 to begin construction of a new Passenger Loading area. The new Passenger Loading area will open in late March.


Starting Saturday, February 22, 2020 


All remaining surface parking lots (phase 5) will be closed permanently by mid-2020. Because there will be fewer parking spaces at the station, we have taken steps to make sure most BART customers will still be able to find a space: the parking garage has been restriped to create additional spaces; Airport/Long Term parking will no longer offered at the station; and a carpool feature has been added to the Official BART App to encourage carpools to the station. 


For project details, construction updates, parking lot closure notifications and alternative transportation options for accessing the station, visit: | Hotline: 888-354-0464 

Map of parking changes at Millbrae