BART looks for business partners to help design and build the new BART headquarters


BART looks for business partners to help design and build the new BART headquarters

BART is seeking qualification statements from prospective businesses for a contract to help design and build the new BART Headquarters at 2150 Webster St. in Oakland and is encouraging small, local businesses to apply to help build BART's future in the Bay Area.

On December 10, 2019, BART purchased 2150 Webster Street with the purpose of relocating its corporate headquarters from its current headquarters at 300 Lakeside Dr. The new BART Headquarters is 244,287 square feet accommodating 1,300 of its employees. The BART District has issued a Progressive Design-Build contract for tenant improvement constrcution for the renovation of the new BART Headquarters.

The total estimated cost of the Contract (Contract No. 6M4706Q) is approximately between $45 to $50 million, and the estimated contract duration is sixty weeks or 420 days. Work under the Contract will include, but not limited to, furnishing all management, coordination, professional services, labor, equipment, materials and other services to perform the design and construction of the new BART Headquarters.

BART will receive submitted Request for Qualification (RFQ) Statements for the Contract until 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. The work included in the Contract will be further defined and in more detail in the District's Request for Proposal (RFP) which will subsequently follow after the RFQ deadline has passed. 

It is mandatory that all prospective businesses which wish to bid for the Contract must comply with all the requirements in the RFQ and be approved by the District. After the District approval, prospective businesses who complied will be placed on the approved Prequalified Prospective Progressive Design-Build Entities (PPDBE) list. No proposal will be accepted for the subsequent RFP from a PPDBE that is not on the approved Prequalified PPDBE list.

BART invites small, local, minority, women, disabled veteran and LGBT-certified businesses to actively participate in the Contract and other tenant improvements to take place in the new BART Headquarters. BART also has committed to establishing an overall smart business participation goal of 30 percent for the new BART Headquarters project.

All small businesses wishing to participiate in the procurement program established for this series of opportinities must be pre-qualified by BART. Small businesses requesting assistance to help complete the BART Small Business Pre-Qualification Process can reach out to [email protected]

PPDBEs who are not currently registered on BART's Procurement Portal to do business with BART, are required to register on the BART procurement portal on-line at in order to obtain the solicitation documents, updates, and any addenda issued on-line and be added to the on-line planholders list for this solicitation. PPDBEs who have not registered on the BART Procurement portal prior to submitting a proposal, and did not download the solicitation documents for this solicitation on-line so as to be listed as an on-line planholder for this solicitation, will not be eligible for award of this Contract.

Qualification statements shall be submitted to the following address:

Office of the District Secretary
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
300 Lakeside Drive, 23rd Floor
Oakland CA 94612

Any envelopes or boxes containing qualification statements must be clearly labeled: RFQ No. 6M4706Q, Design-Build of BART Headquarters.

Please contact Erica Elkington, Senior Contract Administrator, at [email protected] should you have questions related to this RFQ.