Power off in garage at Millbrae Station 4/6-4/10


Power off in garage at Millbrae Station 4/6-4/10

Update: This work is complete.

Daylight hours only--no Elevator service

To protect workers, it is necessary to turn off the power in the garage at Millbrae Station. The shutoffs will begin Monday, 4/6 and continue through 4/10. The shutoffs will only happen during daylight hours (approximately 7:00am to 4:00pm) so there will be lights and elevator service inside the garage at night. Contractors will be working on the new passenger pick-up/drop-off area on the first floor and this work could leave the workers exposed to live electrical lines if the power is not off.

Garage elevators will not operate during the power shutoffs. If you typically need to use the elevator, please park on the 4th floor of the garage so you can use the connecting walkway to access the station. ADA spaces are available on the 4th floor.

In addition, the first floor is closed to all access for now, however you are still able to access the other garage floors from the first-floor ramps.

We thank you for your patience during the power shutoffs.

PROJECT UPDATES: For project details, construction updates, parking lot closure notifications and alternative transportation options for accessing the station, visit:  
www.gatewayatmillbraestation.com | Hotline: 888-354-0464