BART opens all entrances/exits that were previously closed due to pandemic


BART opens all entrances/exits that were previously closed due to pandemic

June 14, 2021 Update

All stations entrances that were temporarily closed due to the pandemic have been re-opened as of Saturday June 12, 2021 as part of our recovery plan. Note, 19th Street station has 2 entrances closed due to construction.

Phased Station Entrance Re-opening

To improve access to our stations, we will start reopening entrances/exits that were closed during the height of the pandemic.

On May 15 all entrances at Embarcadero and Montgomery and one center entrance at Powell will open in anticipation of Muni opening subway service for two-lines.  Balboa Park Station entrance will also open on May 15.

We will open all remaining closed entrances on June 14. At 19th Street Station, the northwest entrance to the station at the corner of 20th Street and Broadway and the southwest station entrance is also closed for ongoing construction.

As of October 24, 2020 the following stations have closed entrances/exits to help us focus our cleaning and enforcement efforts to enhance safety for our employees and riders during times of record low ridership and the COVID-19 pandemic. These closures are temporary and staff will continue to monitor ridership levels.

  • Embarcadero - all south of Market entrances
  • Montgomery- all south of Market entrances
  • Powell- see map below, due to our escalator replacement program, additional entrances are closed
  • Civic Center- all south of Market entrances
  • Balboa Park north end - see map below
  • 19th Street - see map below
  • 12th Street- see map below
  • Downtown Berkeley south end - see map below

On Monday April 13, BART temporarily closed several entrances at the four downtown San Francisco stations as well as additional entrances at the 12th & 19th Street stations in Oakland. The closures will help us focus our cleaning efforts and to improve safety for our employees and riders during times of record low ridership and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Downtown San Francisco station details:

All entrances on the north side of Market Street will remain open, while all entrances on the south side of Market will be closed.  We prioritized the north of Market Street entrances after careful analysis of a number of factors including where the majority of riders are currently entering and exiting, ADA access, and known hot spots for illegal behavior. The north side of Market is where the elevators are located.

Embarcadero Station entrance closure

Montgomery Station entrance closure

Updated Powell Street Entrance Closure Maps 9_11_2020

Balboa Park Entrance map

Civic Center Station entrance closure


Downtown Oakland station details:

The 12th Street Station will be accessible from the Williams Plaza and De Lauer’s News Stand at the center of the station, and 11th and Broadway (south end of station near the Marriott).

12th Street Oakland Station entrance closure

Downtown Berkeley Entrance map

The 19th Street Station will be accessible from 17th,19th, and 20th Streets on the south side of Broadway.

Downtown Oakland 19th St new entrance map

All stations remain ADA accessible and signs in multiple languages will be posted at the closed entrances noting others remain open to avoid confusion.

Closing entrances will allow us to focus our resources including station agents, cleaners, and police on the open entrances and fare gates.  BART Police Chief Ed Alvarez has assigned police officers to a "fixed post" during specific hours of the day to each of the open entrances.

We’ve ensured these changes meet emergency safety protocols.  

BART previously closed without incident:

  • Multiple entrances at 12th and 19th street stations in Oakland
  • Balboa Park north end
  • Powell north long corridor
  • Downtown Berkeley south end